Svenska Hogwarts Roleplaying Game

Since our site is only in Swedish, we thought it best to at least have one page in English where can tell non-Swedish speakers what this site is about.

Svenska Hogwarts (literally "Swedish Hogwarts") is a play-by-post roleplaying game set in the magical world of Harry Potter created by JK Rowling. It has been going since 25 April 2004, making it the oldest continually running (to our knowledge) Harry Potter online RPG in Sweden.

SH has always been free to join and play, and is not for profit. (For a disclaimer, please read the Disclaimer.)


The two founders were members of another Swedish play-by-post roleplaying game (set in the of world Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time), and late in the evening of 16 April 2004, one of them said "Imagine if there was a game like this, but set at Hogwarts instead of the White Tower". The other one said "My thoughts exactly!" and as they realised the only way to ensure it happened was to create a game like that, the two set to work. A few hours later the first forum opened, and the founders started to look for people wanting to join. People did, rumour spread, and that's why we're still around today.


The game itself is primarily based around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but there is also the ability to create characters in the Wizarding World, or at the Beauxbatons Academy or the Durmstrang Institute. At either school, you can create students, ghosts, and, if positions are available, teachers and other staff.

Our in-game students have access all the subjects featured in the books, along with some that are of our own invention. Some of the lessons are based on real-life knowledge, most are entirely made up, and some are based on lessons they have in the books.


All characters in the game are invented by the players. All professors, students, other characters (such as the Minister of Magic) and even the House ghosts are of our own creation. SH is a bit like a doll house: you have a familiar building, but we've replaced the dolls inside it with our own, because we feel it's more creative that way, and it means we're not locked in to what happens in the books, and can instead do our own thing. We do our own storylines with our own characters.

Named characters from the books do not, have not, and will not, exist in-game.


The game takes place in present/modern day, but with little to no connection to the books. It's in a parallel universe, of sorts. Harry Potter and Voldemort is neither in the past, nor its future.

Membership Requirements

We accept members from all over the world, as long as they can communicate in Swedish and are at least 11 years old. (Yes, sometimes we wish we had set the age limit higher, but 11 is when characters start going to Hogwarts, so it seemed only fair.)

We have no plans, nor desire, to translate the game into English, because we feel we have quite enough to do with this one as it is. We created SH specifically for a Swedish-speaking audience.